• Go with the flow. Literally.
  • Breathe if things don’t go your way. Breathe if they do. Just breathe.  
  • Try to disconnect from social media and work as much as possible.
  • Take in every moment. Be present.


How to Go With the Flow. Literally. This protip applies to all things in life, but when we are traveling it’s even moreso. We’re outside of our normal environment. Away from home and the things we’re used to seeing every day. These Protips also apply not only to you as a yoga retreat guest, but as the teacher leading it! 

When things we plan on don’t go accordingly, we don’t have our comfort zone to fall back on. It can be easy to get frustrated or upset. Things like the airline delaying with our luggage. Or we’re not saying a Spanish word in a way the locals understand. Maybe someone at home says something you’re not happy to hear. Maybe our tour doesn’t start at the time we scheduled. Or someone accidentally runs into us with their bicycle (they’ve all happened before).

So, how do you “go with the flow” during your retreat?

1. Breathe. Seriously. All the breathwork+meditation practice we’re doing is for the REAL LIFE moments like this. Inhale through your nose for the count of 10, then exhale for the same count of 10. Repeat this as slowly as you can to allow your nervous system to relax. Let the “fight or flight” response dissipate.

2. Know that there are things beyond our control. What we CAN control is our response. It’s all about our attitude and our context around a situation.

3. Try to realize what the lesson is. As shitty as it may feel, try to take the best out of that situation so you can be present to the moment, and be able to move onto the next.

4. Did you know that the lifestyle in these exotics locations is a lot more relaxed? Life first. Work second. (i.e. There may be places closed between lunch and dinner). Try out this mindset and allow yourself to be immersed in it for the week.

5. Take in every moment as much as possible. Because, before you know it, you’ll be back at home/work/normal life.

Well, that’s my 5-steps for your Yoga Retreat Protip! Do you have any of your own that you’d like to share with our crew? Or do you have any questions about how to experience the ebbs and flows of traveling in general? Comment below!


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